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Waste Management and Valorisation for a Sustainable Future
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报告主题?/span>Waste Management and Valorisation for a Sustainable Future

报告人:Prof. Yong Sik Ok



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Yong Sik Ok,高丽大学环境科学与生态工程学系教授。他的学术研究包括废弃物管理、新型污染物的生物可利用度、生物质能和生物炭等附加产品,在基础土壤科学和土壤和沉积物中各种污染物的修复方面也有相关经验?/span>Ok教授?/span>Web of Science (2018年,Clarivate Analytics) 的一位高被引研究者?/span>Ok教授与研究生及同事共发表研究论文550余篇,其?/span>38篇被评为ESI top (34篇被提名为高引频次论文,4篇被提名?/span>Hot Paper)?/span>

Dr. Yong Sik Ok is a Full Professor in the Division of Environmental Science and Ecological Engineering, Korea University. His academic background covers waste management, bioavailability of emerging contaminants, and bioenergy and value-added products such as biochar. He also has experience in fundamental soil science and remediation of various contaminants in soils and sediments. Prof. Ok is a Highly Cited Researcher of Web of Science (2018, Clarivate Analytics). Together with graduate students and colleagues, Prof. Ok has published over 550 research papers, 38 of which were ranked as ESI top papers (34 nominated as "Highly Cited Papers" and 4 nominated as "Hot Paper").

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